In addition to keeping on welcoming you in our trattoria full love & burrata, we bring some pizzaioli love at home.

All of our plump Neapolitan pizzas are available to order, from the classic Mammargherita from Pink Mamma, to the naughty In ricordo di porchetta by the Pizzeria Popolare to the decadent Burrata killer queen by Ober Mamma, the non classic regina twisted with some creamy stracciatella. Cherry on the cake? A selection of our best bottles straight from the Bel Paese.

So, how do Delivery and Click & Collect actually work?

  1. Choose your restaurant here and let yourself go, go with the flow and your desires
  2. As soon as the basket is full, we offer you a schedule to select a slot to come and collect your sexy order at the restaurant
  3. The processes will be fully contactless. We drastically follow hygiene standards and do everything to protect our staff and customers

We can’t wait to send you a big dose of love for the house <3

Con tanto amore

The Big Mamma team



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