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J’aimerais réserver une table, est-ce possible ?

We are now taking reservations at some restaurants (booooya) and you can book here . In our trattorias, everything goes through the list kept by our hostess at the entrance of the restaurant. In East Mamma, Ober Mamma, BigLove, Mamma Primi, La Bellezza and Pink Mamma (evenings and weekends), we advise you to come early enough, 20 minutes before opening time in order to limit your wait. On site our hostess will install you from the first service or will put you on the list for a table a little later. For the Felicità and Popolare, come directly on site, it’s a good deal!

Quels sont les horaires d’ouverture des restaurants ?

The hours of each restaurant are visible on each restaurant page. In order to limit your waiting time, we advise you to come 20 minutes before the opening time. Our hostess will find you a place at the first service or put you on the list for a table a little later. For the Felicità and Popolare, come see us directly on site!

Pourquoi ne prenez-vous pas de réservation dans tous vos restos et tout le temps ?

To make it short, we have some great products, which come from great producers directly from Italy. We only serve fresh and 100% homemade. And to stay in the spirit of the Italian trattoria that we love so much, we offer a menu at very affordable prices. We do not necessarily all know it, but delays or cancellations of reservations in the catering represent a huge cost. To continue to offer quality products at affordable prices, we have to make sure that everyone is present. Either you make a lot of people or you make a lot of margin. And then there is a real advantage in not having to book 2 months in advance to eat a pizza! To put it simply, we understand the inconvenience that can cause the fact of not taking a reservation, but it goes against the fact that we are trying to have an unbeatable value for money by cutting our margins. To make things easier, we have set up a list system at the entrance of the restaurant where our hostesses take your name and phone number to remind you as soon as your table becomes available.

The new good news is that the squadra of Pink Mamma, Mamma Primi and La Bellezza are opening the reservations (more info here ). You can also come and see us unexpectedly, we will install you directly or we will write down your details to let you know as soon as a table becomes available!

Je souhaiterais organiser un grand diner d’entreprise ou fêter mon anniversaire avec mes amis, faites vous des privatisations ?

Our restaurants open their doors to you for your big tables, your birthdays with friends, your happy family evenings or your cool corporate events. For more info it’s happening  here  🙂

Je souhaiterais fêter mon anniversaire avec un petit groupe d'amis chez vous sans privatiser, cela est possible ?

We have a few large tables in our restaurants and it is of course possible to come and dine together! In order to have one of these big tables, we advise you to favor the first services of 12:15 and 7 p.m. and to arrive sufficiently early (30 minutes before the opening time) in order to maximize your chances of having them. For information, one of the people in your group may start to line up and be joined by the other people in your group as they go. The only requirement is that everyone be there before opening time because tables are only allocated to full groups.

Avez-vous des plats à emporter ?

Et non, pas de plats à emporter chez Big Mamma, en revanche si vous n’arrivez pas à finir votre pizza sur place, nous avons quelques box pour vous permettre de l’embarquer à la maison !

Comment faire si je ne peux pas attendre debout dans votre file d'attente ?

N’hésitez pas à vous manifester auprès de notre hôtesse d’accueil dès votre arrivée, elle fera tout son possible pour vous placer dans les plus brefs délais si une table est disponible ou vous permettra de patienter dans les meilleures conditions possibles. Les femmes enceintes, de même que les personnes à mobilité réduite sont bien entendu prioritaires dans nos files 🙂

Où puis-je me procurer votre vaisselle ?

Notre vaisselle est fabriquée par une petite fabrique italienne qui s’appelle FIMA Deruta. Vous pouvez aller jeter un coup d’oeil sur leur site, ils font de très jolies choses ! Il est possible d’en acheter sur quelques sites revendeurs ou bien vous pouvez directement passer par eux 😉

Prenez-vous les tickets restaurants ?

Nous prenons les tickets restaurant du lundi au vendredi le midi uniquement 🙂

Proposez-vous des plats sans gluten ?

Nous avons quelques plats sans gluten dans nos restaurants mais c’est au BigLove que nous proposons exclusivement des pizzas gluten free. Néanmoins nous utilisons dans nos cuisines plusieurs farines, il est donc possible de trouver des traces de gluten. Si votre allergie est très importante, nous ne vous recommandons pas de consommer nos pizzas.

Acceptez-vous les chiens dans vos restaurants ?

We love dogs. S’ils passent sous la table, oui !

Comment faire si j'ai oublié un objet personnel dans l'un de vos restaurants ?

If you lose a personal item in one of our restaurants, we invite you to come back and pick it up;)


Can’t find the answer to your question?
Write to us at love@bigmamma.com , we will be happy to help!


If you are a journalist and would like information on one of our restaurants in France, do not hesitate to write to us at the following address:  stampa@bigmamma.com

In the UK, do not hesitate to write to us at the following address: evie.horsell@bigmamma.com