Aperitivo & Cocktail bar

Bar Ober Mamma


En Italie, l’aperitivo c’est carrément sacré, à Ober Mamma aussi ! Du jeudi au samedi, de 18h à 19h, on se met à l’heure italienne et on ouvre le bar plus tôt. La bande du bar menée par le fougueux Lucca Chow balance des cocktails maxi funky et on accompagne le tout d’assiettes coquines remplies des meilleurs produits de la botte, le parme de Stefano Borchini, le parmigiano reggiano en direct de Berceto, etc, etc. On pousse le son, on trinque goulument avec le voisin, c’est le rendez-vous cool des potes où on abuse sans gêne aucune de l’incroyable sélection de Bitters et de Vermouth qu’on twiste en un Negroni façon #doityourself.


The Ober bar is open every night, come to sit at the counter and chat with the team, they are extremely gifted to find the cocktail that will make you sexy hover.


107, Boulevard Richard Lenoir, 75011 Paris















Tutto e fatto en casa. E Basta.*

* The menu changes every month,
Depending on arrivals and seasons.

Why don’t you take reservations ?

We use amazing products that come directly from amazing producers located in Italy. We only serve fresh, 100% made-in-house food. And in order to stay in the spirit of the authentic Italian trattorias we love so much, we offer a menu that’s as affordable as possible. The reality is that latecomers and cancelled reservations represent an enormous cost for restaurants. In order to be able to offer quality products at affordable prices, we have to ensure that all our seats are filled. Either we accommodate a lot of people, or we make a lot of profit.

Plus, there’s advantages to not having to reserve 2 months in advance just to eat a pizza ! To put it simply : we understand that not taking reservations can be inconvenient for our diners, but we have to weigh this consideration against the fact that we’re trying to offer high value-for-money by squeezing our margins. To make things just a little bit easier, we’ve put in place a wait-list system whereby our hostess take your name and telephone number and call you when your table is ready.